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Administration SIS Web Applications

Action History Module (SIM)

System that manages student interactions with the Registrar's Office and Student Financial Services.

Administrative Admission Application Module (ADAP)

Undergraduate and graduate online application for processing, reports and statistics. Facility to change deadlines.

Administrative Reports (SRM)

Facility for staff to generate reports from the SIS database.

Admissions and Decisions Module for Web (ADMW)

Used by Admissions office to manage students' applications and admissions to York University.

Advising Dashboard (YDML)

Facility access to Advising Dashboard.

Alternate Exam (ALTX)

Application for accomodation for in-class tests and official exams. This application requires Passport York login.
Admininstrators: English French
Invigilators: English French
CDS Staff: English French

Alternate Password Change (APC)

Facility to change your SIS Alternate Password.

Appointment Booking System for Web (ABSW)

Facility access to ABS using a browser.

Awards Web Module (AWM)

Facility to access award management information.

Bulk Load Manager (BLM)

Bulk load editing for database changes.

Bursaries for Students With Disabilities (BSWD)

Bursaries for Students With Disabilities.

Calendar Linker (CALI)

Allows staff to take an existing HTML page and add course links.

Convocation DVD Ordering

This site provides online ordering for Convocation Ceremonies on DVD.

Convocation Reports Module (CRM)

View administrative reports for York Convocation.

Degree Redesignation (REM-redesignation)

Facility to Load and Process Degree Redesignations.

Document On Web (DOW)

View of all scanned images linked to a student record such as transcripts, pre-1982 transcripts and transfer credit statements.

EDI Transcript (REM-etm)

Facility for staff to Resend EDI Transcripts.

Event Log Viewer (ELM)

System that generates a comprehensive SIS Event Log for activity processed on student records.

Financial Document Tracker (FDT)

Application for tracking student financial documents.

Graduate Event Module (GEM)

System to track graduate events.

My Convocation - Staff Assisted (MYC)

Facility that allows staff to RSVP or apply to graduate on behalf of a student. Not availabe to students.

Non-York Credit Equivalency (NYCE)

Facility to select an institution or York subject and get non-York credit equivalences.

Programme Enrolment System (PESw)

Programme Enrolment System

Room Schedule (RSC)

A Calendar application that displays R25 event bookings.

Ryerson Co-Registration Exchange

Allows York and Ryerson staff to exchange registration information.

SIS Designates

SIS designates approve staff access changes to the SIS administrative applications for each departmental. This is the list of designates.

SIS Rule Editor (SRL)

Used by the Registrar's Office to set up rules. Currently only used for rules relating to appointment booking.

SIS Spellchecker (SSCO)

Facility that spellchecks SIS database.

Staff Assisted Enrollment (Administrative REM)

Facility for staff to add, drop and transfer students' courses.

Standalone Person System (SPSw)

Allows admins to view demographic information about students.

Student Account Online Statements - Administration Version (OSS)

View of student financial statements and account information.

Student Address Module (SAM)

Facility for staff to modify student banking information

Student Appointment Booking (SAB)

System to book appointments set up by appointment centres online. SAB General Staff Entry
SAB OSAP Staff Entry

Student Financial Profile (SFP)

Facility to manage the student financial profile applications.

Student List Module (SLIM)

Facility for selecting lists of students based on complex criteria. Click here for an older version.

Summer OSAP Application (SOA)

Interface to Summer semester OSAP student loan applications for staff.

Supplementary Application Result (SAR)

Results mounted for Schulich and Atkinson supplementary applications.
Requires SIS alternate account login.

TOEFL Auto Loader (TAF)

Module to upload electronic TOEFL scores from ETS, find York students that own these scores and create TOEFL test results for them in the SIS database.

Tax Forms (TFM)

Electronic forms retrieval system that allows students, staff, and faculty easy and secure access to their tax forms online.

Test Scores (TAF)

Module to match test scores (GRE,IELTS,SAT,TOEFL) to SIS students.

Transfer Credit Module (TCMw)

Allows to review and edit degree audit rules.

Valid Table Editor (VTE)

Facility designed for staff to edit valid tables.

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB)

NOTE: Highly experimental! Visual scheduling system for student course enrolments

Work/Study Employment Module (WSE)

Manage the employment programs such as Work/Study and RAY
Hiring Manager(SFP)

YDM Light (YDML v7)

Application that allows viewing of letters, final grade reports, student courses, degree audit status or any other document developed for a student. Click here for an old version.

York Degree Audit (YDA)

A degree auditing system which automatically checks and lists what a student needs to graduate.

York University Academic Repository (YUAR)

System that is used to create and manage progids.

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