Student SIS Web Applications

Alternate Exam (ALTX)

Application for accomodation for in-class tests and official exams. This application requires Passport York login.

Application Status (MyFile)

View the status of your admission application.
This application requires your student number and date of birth for login.

Course Description Website (CDM)

This application provides course and examination Information to students.
The student class/exam schedules of this application requires Passport York login.
Example URL for direct access:
Frequently Asked Questions
Building Acronyms Page
Search Current Schedule
Exam Conflicts
Deferred Standing
Religious Observance

Course List (YDML)

List of student courses and grades.
This application requires Passport York login.

Degree Conferral Verification (YU Verify)

Verify that a person has indeed received a degree from York University
No special access/authentication required.

GPA Calculator (GPAV)

Allows staff and students to view and calculate grade point averages.

Grade Report (YDML)

List of student grades
This application requires Passport York login.

Graduate Applications (APY)

Allows students to submit a graduate application to the university.
(Not used for Schulich Graduate programs, or Osgoode Professional Qualification.)

My Convocation (MYC)

Allow students to RSVP to their Convocation Ceremony, Apply to Graduate, and Order Convocation DVDs.
RSVP to a Convocation
Apply to Graduate
Order Convocation DVDs

My Program (REM)

Allow students to request program changes.

PPY Security Questions (SAM)

Allows students to create and change PPY security questions.

Registration and Enrolment Module (REM)

Allows students to add, drop, transfer or exchange courses. Also allows them to
View course details.

Reset Passport York Password (SAM)

Allows you to reset your Passport York password.

STAC Statements (OSS)

Student's financial statement and account information.
This application requires Passport York login.

Student Address Module (SAM)

Allows students to update their address, and other contact information. Also allows students to view enrolment access times.

Student Appointment Booking (SAB)

Example entry for York International This is an example of
SAB with a specific appointmentCentre and appointmentAttribute.

Student Financial Profile (SFP)

The Student Financial Profile is a multi-purpose online application form that is used to apply for scholarships,
bursaries and campus employment programs such as Work/Study, Service Bursary and Research at York (RAY).

Summer OSAP Application (SOA)

Allow students to submit their OSAP loan application for the summer semester.

Tax Forms (TFM)

Electronic forms retrieval system that allows students, staff, and faculty easy and secure access to their tax forms online.

Transcript Ordering Module (TOM)

Allows students to request transcripts online.

Undergraduate Application (APY)

Allows students to submit an undergraduate application to the university.

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB)

Visual scheduling system for student course enrolments.
Administrators click here for the Analytics Dashboard

York Degree Audit (YDA)

Batch and individual degree audit generation.
This application requires a Passport York login.