Tech Support SIS Web Applications

Account Administration (ACTL)

Alt Password and DCE account administration.
Requires Passport York login and authorization.

Internal Documentation for SIS - Confluence

Documentation for all SIS projects, how-tos and other practices.
Access restricted to SIS Team members. Requires Passport York login.


A&I Project Planning and Time Tracking Software.
Quick Time Card - Jira

Monitor for SIS (SisMon)

Provide 10 minute time slice of SIS applications for myFile, SAM, OSS,
REM, YDML, CDM and other high usage modules.

Oracle Roles Management and Utilities (ORM)

Administrative tools for Oracle roles and utilities.
Requires Passport York login and authorization.

Oracle SIS Database Technical Model Viewer

Browse and view images of SIS database models.
Access restricted to employees and staff.
Requires Passport York login.

Server request form

Form used to request new servers from SMS

SIS Dashboard (SISUP)

Live information on the current status of DCE applications, WebObjects applications,
databases, servers, etc. The page is refreshed every 10 minutes.
No login required.

SIS UIT access form

Form used to request access to the SIS/STAC database.

SVN/CVS Repository (Fisheye)

This application allows you view the contents of our SVN/CVS repository. This is restricted to SIS team members only.

To do list for SIS

THIS IS NOW OBSOLETE. The following list represents the major and most important tasks associated with fixing SIS modules and production support issues.
Sorted by Priority
Sorted by Staff
Closed To Do items
Items On Hold or Waiting for User